Booking Checklist

This checklist is a courtesy of Music Zirconia to assist you in the preparation of your event. There are many things to consider when booking a musical act. We recommend that you go through the information below and make sure you have all aspect covered so that your event goes off smoothly. Should you have any questions regarding any of the matters explained below please feel free to contact a Music Zirconia representative for assistance

Often Music Zirconia will receive a deposit for the musical act during the show’s advancement stage. This is when an act is acceptable and contracts are being signed. Unless otherwise negotiated, the balance of the performance fees will be due the day of the event and will be paid to the performers

When a performance is scheduled outside of the band’s hometown it may require that flight be provided to the musical act. This may also require the transportation of some or all of their musical gear. Flight arrangements should be made and tickets delivered well before the day of the event.

On the occasion that an act is flown in they will also require an airport pick-up. You should consider the number of band members and assisting crew as well as luggage and performance gear.

Hotel accommodations are negotiable with each act. Some may require individual rooms as the band may be a mix of males and females. Other acts may be willing to share rooms or accept alternative accommodations.

Depending on whether you provide sound and lighting or it is provided by Music Zirconia you may need a sound man or if your event is particularly large you may need a show producer. If you do not have a sound man hired Music Zirconia can assist you in this aspect. If you need to learn more about these positions please feel free to ask you Music Zirconia representative and our knowledgeable staff can help answer your questions.

When you book a musical act you are usually expected to provide a sound system for the band to play through. While many venues provide this, most private rooms do not. You may also need to provide lighting and even a stage. All of these things usually can be rented locally. Music Zirconia also works with several top sound and lighting firms that can accommodate your event no matter what size. For help determining your need speak to a Music Zirconia event professional.

Our bands usually come self-contained and bring all of their own on-stage equipment. However, sometimes when an act is flown-in it becomes more economical to rent gear locally rather than pay for shipping. gear that is considered “back line” usually includes drum sets, amplifiers and other large or heavy items.

This is an often overlooked consideration. It takes an unusual amount of electricity to power a large show. There is all of the band equipment, the P.A. and lights. Many venues and private rooms are not equipped to handle this, so it is advisable to check out the existing power situation at your event venue and perhaps plan on bringing in an outside power source if necessary.

Misc. Rider requirements / Stage plot

The “rider” is the specific requirements of each individual entertainment act. This may include what types of drinks they have in their dressing room, meals, parking, towels or a host of other items. While some riders are negotiable we usually recommend that you try to accommodate these small request for the acts. The acts we book are very experienced and have reasoning for their request. Please consider that these bands are often far from home and these requirements and luxuries help make the evening more pleasant for all parties. Each band’s rider is available upon request.

The “Stage Plot” is a map of how the band sets-up their equipment. It is highly recommended that you have an advance copy of the stage plot to provide the sound engineer with all the information he may require so that he can set-up and equip the stage to the specific need of any act. The stage plot tell the sound man how many microphones are needed, how to set sound effects and much more.
Stage plots for each band can be downloaded from their promotional pages on this site. If they are not, please ask us and we will make sure we get one for you