If you’re not already offering tribute acts as part of your entertainment schedule you’re missing out.
Are you considering a tribute series as part of your entertainment offerings? Not sure where to start? Why not consult with the acknowledged leader in this specialized niche and let Music Zirconia Agency handle everything for you? Music Zirconia Agency ONLY books top tier tribute bands and our acts span every popular music genre and era from the â50s to present day, from country to heavy metal, big bands to boy bands; from ABBA to ZZ Top.

Dollar for dollar, few national acts consistently draw reliable numbers the way tribute acts do; even the first time into your market thanks to what we call â the familiarity factorâ. For the price of an original act with one or two radio hits from two decades ago you could hire a larger-scale tribute band show with production that emulates a heritage act in their heyday, performing an entire 90-120 minute set FULL of top 10 hits that everyone knows and will sing along with.

Music Zirconia Agency works with only the upper echelon touring tribute artists throughout the world and has tribute & specialty acts in all price ranges to suit your budget. Moreover, Music Zirconia Agency is the largest specialized talent provider in the nation. Why not directly get your acts where the other agents already are?

Turnkey solutions are now available to performing arts center and casino talent buyers.

We’re already handling weekly tribute series bookings as exclusive provider for casinos, fairs and performing arts centers. Rely upon our expertise in this niche field (and the ever changing landscape) to ensure you âre hiring the most talented and best drawing tribute bands for your venue or event. References available upon request.

Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you and your bottom line.